Initiation in the Secret Mysteries Is the Gateway
to Union With Your Divine Self

And So, Which of the 33 Steps of Initiation Are You On?

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Life after life, as an initiate of the Mysteries, you pick up at the step you left off, out of the 33 steps of initiation.

The destination of the Mysteries is union with your Divine Self, your individual I AM Presence.

This process of self-transformation is known as the path of the ascension.

The path of the ascension is comprised of 33 steps of initiation.

The first 28 steps correspond to the mastery of the seven rays in the four quadrants of matter: fire, air, water, and earth.

The last five steps of initiation correspond to the Greater Mysteries: Baptism by Water, Baptism by Fire, Crucifixion (Deep Purification), Resurrection (Crystallization of the Light Body) and the final greater mystery of the Ascension, which is the breaking of the wheel of birth and rebirth1.

Thus: 28 + 5 = 33

As step by step you advance on the path of the ascension, the kundalini at the base chakra rises up your spinal column and climbs the 33 steps of the spinal ladder all the way to higher chakras….

And so, which of the 33 steps of initiation are you on? Where did you leave off in your previous embodiment2?

Deep in your heart you already know what step of initiation you are on. Yet, you don’t need to have this answer in your outer awareness today—this in an inner process.

Based on your spiritual attainment then, when you become a Keeper of the Flame, you will pick up at the step of initiation you left off.

As you discover advanced teachings, hidden gems of wisdom, and spiritual secrets from the archives of the Fraternity, and you put them in practice, you will continue to advance on the path of the ascension.

You will experience the bliss of illumination.

You will tangibly feel the radiance of your Divine Self.

You will be empowered to serve life to a greater degree.

And as you diligently do your spiritual work and pass your tests, you will step through the gates of the Mysteries in this life—first the Lesser and then the Greater Mysteries, according to your divine plan.

So let’s start from the beginning….

The Problem Humanity Faces Today

Despite signs of spiritual progress, earth is in a downward spiral.

Nations face devastating challenges, such as division, poverty and war.

People suffer.

Truth is often a casualty of political expediency.

The Reason for the Problem

You see, it is a requirement of cosmic law, set by the Lords of Karma, that unless enough people keep the flame of Life, civilization on earth cannot be sustained.


Because the flame radiates love.

The flame heals.

The flame transmutes darkness.

The flame sustains divinity in matter.

The flame is divine life itself.

The Solution to the Problem

And so, the solution to reversing the downward spiral of earth and raising its collective consciousness is to keep the flame of Life.

The Steps of the Solution

Here are four advanced spiritual practices to take this most sacred activity of tending the flame of Life to the next level:


Remember your story and claim your destiny


Restore the memory of your divine identity


Take your daily karma seriously


Practice the ancient Science of Invocation

Remember Your Story and Claim Your Destiny

Long ago, the Cosmic Council had decided upon the dissolution of earth and her evolutions.

This great karma came about because “the souls of her children no longer worshiped the Trinity in the threefold flame of Life burning upon the altar of the heart.

"They had become the sheep gone astray.

“Their attention fixed upon the outer manifestation, they had willfully, ignorantly abandoned the inner walk with God.

"They knew not the hidden man of the heart, that blessed Ishwara, and the seven candles no longer burned in the seven windows.”3

And so, earth faced the darkest hour in its history as it was about to “be rolled up as a scroll and lit as a taper of the sacred fire.”4

It was at that most critical moment that Sanat Kumara, known as the Ancient of Days, volunteered to exile himself upon the “dark star” of earth.

And through the ages, he became the Keeper of the Flame on behalf of a suffering, unenlightened humanity.

It is for this great sacrifice that Sanat Kumara is known as the Great Bodhisattva.

Sanat Kumara established his physical retreat on the White Island in the Gobi Sea, now the Gobi Desert.

And from there at Shamballa, he extended a thread of light to everyone’s heart so he could keep the flame of Life on their behalf...

Until the few and eventually the many would remember their reason for being and learn once again to keep the flame themselves.

But Sanat Kumara did not come alone.

One hundred and forty-four thousand souls volunteered to come with him to help him fulfill his mission.

You may be feeling a deep inner longing to fulfill your mission and find your community.

And that would be because the story of Sanat Kumara is your story.

If you feel in your heart that you are one of the 144,000 who came with him to Shamballa, welcome Home.

Welcome back to your spiritual family.

We have been apart for far too long and our souls yearn to come together again to serve the Great Bodhisattva, as in days of yore.

And so, the Keepers of the Flame of planet Earth say today with one voice:

“Hail to Thee, Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, you are truly the king of our hearts.

"And we are ever so grateful for your sacrifice.

"And we declare, in your name, that Earth shall have her victory!”

To help remember the story of the coming of Sanat Kumara and your role in that great moment in cosmic history...

Please click on the video below to watch the “Arise, Shine for Thy Light Is Come” musical meditation.

Restore the Memory of Your Divine Identity

As life after life we gave in to lesser desires and made wrong choices, our consciousness fell from its pure estate.

And we lost the memory of our divine identity.

In other words, we have forgotten who and what we are.

We often think of ourselves as helpless human beings resigned to a life of struggle and suffering.

In reality, we are children of the Light, children of the Most-High God, and we have access to great power, wisdom and love, in the name I AM THAT I AM.

And so, your divine identity is the Monad, the Inner God, the Atman—your very own I AM Presence.

The ascended master and World Teacher Kuthumi tells us that “perfection is not nearly so far away as some would lead you to believe.

"For it dwells right in your God Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, often abiding just a few feet above your physical head.”5

Chart of Your Divine Self

The I AM Presence is surrounded by the causal body—seven concentric spheres of spiritual energy that contain the record of all your good works.

Below the I AM Presence is your Holy Christ Self, often called the Mediator and the hidden man of the heart.

And right within the secret chamber of your heart is the flame of Life.

Also known as the divine spark and the unfed Flame, the flame of Life connects to your I AM Presence with the crystal cord.

Your first calling then is to restore the memory of these aspects of your divinity by attention and love.

You can begin this very moment, by making this simple call.

Take a deep breath, focus on your heart, and say this with deep feeling:

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, reveal yourself to me today! Guide me. Protect me. Heal me. Show me how to magnify the flame of Life in my heart. I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power.”

Take Your Daily Karma Seriously

We all know about karma, the law of cause and effect.

Yet for most of us, karma is a theoretical concept.

We understand it intellectually, but we don’t think of our PERSONAL karma as the reason for our problems.

In other words, we don’t take the burden of our karma seriously and we don’t realize the great impact karma has in our daily affairs.

Ask yourself:

Do you have a deep soul awareness of the karmic energy you have to deal with every day, such as in your work, your relationships, your finances, and even your inner life?

If you have the awareness of karma as a powerful force in your life and you actively work to transmute that karma, consider yourself wise and fortunate.

Transmuting your karma will help you become more aware of the flame of Life within your heart, clear up difficult situations you face, bring you deep inner joy and much more.

And if you don’t have this awareness of karma as the great hidden force in your life, you can begin by taking responsibility for the karma you created in this and past lives.

When you take responsibility for your life today as a result of your past actions, you let go of excuses, powerlessness and blame.

And you feel empowered to take charge.

The key is to learn the lessons behind the karma.

The amethyst crystal is a focus of the violet flame.

And remember:

Karma is never punishment.

Karma is our merciful teacher in the schoolroom of earth.

And so, you can balance your karma, as well as planetary karma, by engaging in several spiritual practices.

At the same time, you can explore another powerful antidote to karma.

This karma antidote, known as the violet flame, has been brought to us by the ascended masters.

The violet flame is the sacred fire of the seventh ray, and it is a great spiritual gift for our time.

You can invoke the violet transmuting flame right now, by clicking on the audio link below:

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.
I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace.

Practice the Ancient Science of Invocation

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells us about the ancient Science of Invocation, also known as the Science of the Spoken Word, “which was practiced on Atlantis and Lemuria.

"More than twelve thousand years ago in the temples of these lost continents, priests and priestesses of the sacred fire made invocation to the flame of Life, applying the principles of the Science of the Spoken Word.

“This science, which has been practiced for many centuries by adepts in the Far East and by western mystics as well, outlines the uses of the voice in conjunction with the throat chakra in the giving of:

"Mantras, chants, prayers, invocations, affirmations, songs of joy and praise, and fiats of light to increase the action of benign forces on the planetary body and in the world of individual man...

“One of the most important and vital techniques of self-mastery taught by the Brotherhood is the Science of Invocation, which includes the art of decreeing.

“By employing this method of expanding consciousness, you can bring yourself into closer proximity with the flame of Life that is within your own being and ultimately experience the baptism of the sacred fire….” 4

The word “invoke” comes from the Latin “invocare,” which means to call upon.

And so, we call upon the Mighty I AM Presence, the Elohim, the archangels, the ascended masters, and other beings of light.

And we work to “keep the flame of Life on behalf of a humanity, yet unenlightened and unawakened.”6

“The call compels the answer!”

So says El Morya Khan, Mahatma of the Himavat and Chohan of the first ray.7

And so, we practice the Science of Invocation through calls, fiats, decrees, invocations, mantras, I AM affirmations, chants, musical meditations and more.

Please click on the video below to listen to our choir chanting the names of God.

The image represents an ascension ceremony conducted by the hierarch of Luxor in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Should You Keep
the Flame of Life Alone?

You now have four advanced spiritual practices you can use to keep the flame of Life in the secret chamber of your heart.

Naturally, you can pursue this sacred activity by yourself. And you are likely to get positive results.

And yet, it’s hard to walk the path of initiation alone.

The direct sponsorship of an ascended master and the support of a loving community you can call Home can make the difference and it can help you accelerate your spiritual growth and service to life.

That ascended master is Saint Germain and the community is the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains that, “The Fraternity was founded by Saint Germain in the beginning of The Summit Lighthouse activity to be a fraternal order to provide students with lessons of instruction on cosmic law and not to require that its members be affiliated with any particular church. (The Summit Lighthouse is a spiritual non-profit organization dedicated to universal enlightenment and the soul’s reunion with God.)

"Rather, the requirement is to be students of the ancient mysteries and the mysteries of alchemy.”9

And so, through the empowerment of Saint Germain, the advanced spiritual instruction, and the love of the community, you can grow spiritually and give greater service to humanity.

Above all else, Keepers of the Flame are world servers who work selflessly for the benefit of humanity.

More on the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity offers you a doorway into one of the active inner schools of the ascended masters today.

The Fraternity is the counterpart here below to the hierarchy of light Above, also known as the Great White Brotherhood. (The term “White” refers to the white light emanating from the ascended masters and not any race.)

As the Knight Commander of the Fraternity, “Saint Germain desires to personally sponsor its members in the guru-chela relationship and he uses the Fraternity and its lessons to do so.

“As you serve the Master, he serves you.

“Saint Germain asks no one to give up their church, their religion, their particular teacher, their books. You can be a member of any church (or no church) and still be a member of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.”10

And so, as you give your support to Saint Germain, he, in turn, sponsors your personal path of initiation, which leads to self-mastery, illumination and personal freedom.

Remember: The destiny of the Keepers of Flame Fraternity is to sustain civilization and bring in the golden age of Aquarius of which Saint Germain is the Hierarch for the next 2,000 years.

In other words, Saint Germain needs every awakened soul, and he needs them today.

He needs you today.

You Are Worthy to Serve with Saint Germain

No matter what your station in life is, no matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, it makes no difference whatsoever to Saint Germain and your fellow fraternity members, men and women of every faith and race.

It is the flame of Life in your heart, the divine spark, the very emanation of the I AM THAT I AM, that makes you worthy—not your human personality or worldly success.

In other words, your divine self-worth is absolute and unconditional, and you should not allow anyone to steal it from you.

Simply forgive yourself and anyone who may have harmed you and move on.

As long as you feel the inner call to rekindle the flame of Life and you make the commitment to serve with Saint Germain, you are worthy to do so.

Once the pledge is made and contact is established, your initiation will commence.

And as you’ll discover, even the most basic instruction of your lessons can unlock the sacred mysteries. That’s why it’s very important not to skip any steps along the way, no matter how advanced you may be on the spiritual path.

Make no mistake: Saint Germain is indeed calling you to remember your ancient vow and find your way back to him and Sanat Kumara.

All you need to do is take the extended hand of divine friendship.

Why the Sponsorship of Saint Germain Is So Critical to Your Spiritual Growth

When Sanat Kumara came to Shamballa, his spiritual home on earth, he established a great spiritual order of beings of light, known as the Great White Brotherhood.

Their duty was to teach, guide and protect the souls of planet earth who had fallen into a downward spiral, and woo them back to their first love—the flame of Life in their hearts.

Down through the ages, members of the Great White Brotherhood have come forth to sponsor mystery schools, inspire uplifting movements and assist the lifewaves of earth in every aspect of their evolution.

In the early 1960s Saint Germain stepped forth yet again, and through his embodied representative, the Messenger Mark. L. Prophet, he instituted the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity—a new inner school of the ascended masters.

“Saint Germain went before the Lords of Karma once again,” the ascended master El Morya states.

“He asked for and received the dispensation to place his purple cape, the mantle of his service, upon the altar of humanity, and specifically upon the altar of all true devotees of the flame of freedom—those destined to be the avant-garde of the Aquarian age.”11

It is because of this dispensation granted by the Lords of Karma that Saint Germain can extend his one-on-one sponsorship to you.

And this sponsorship, this living thread of contact with Saint Germain, is extremely important for your spiritual growth and your ability to serve life to a greater degree.

What’s Possible When You Become a Keeper of the Flame…

Discover the secrets of the spiritual adepts

Learn the deepest spiritual secrets of East and West, available only in the archives of the Fraternity. Through your monthly lessons, videos, exclusive webinars, seminars and one-on-one sessions with your personal mentor, you get access to spiritual knowledge you never dreamed possible. As you apply this knowledge, you grow spiritually in a steady, structured manner.

Many Keepers of the Flame have been members of the Fraternity for over 30 years and they are still experiencing the joy of discovery. Membership in the Fraternity is a life-long journey of learning and illumination.

Heal the anguish of separation from the divine beloved

The Beloved is your Divine Self—your I AM Presence. It is the Source that created you and sent you here below as its electrode of Light to do its perfect work. Every moment of separation from the Beloved brings deep emotional anguish.

And so, as you study your lessons; as you practice the spiritual skills you learn; and as you transform your karma, you draw closer to the Beloved by degrees. And you tangibly feel its divine radiance and the bliss that comes from leaving duality behind and becoming whole again.

Come back home to your spiritual family

Be part of a spiritual community united in the heroic mission of reversing the downward spiral of civilization, by keeping the flame of Life.

Connect with like-minded people, give and receive divine love, and get support in your hour of need. We are stronger together.

Welcome Home!

Be free from helplessness

With the many challenges facing our world, and often our families, it’s hard not to feel helpless. The antidote to this helplessness is the Fraternity—your divine refuge in the midst of turbulence.

Through the sponsorship of Saint Germain, the deeper understanding of karmic circumstances, the practicing of the science of invocation, and much more, you will tap into great divine power. And you can use this power to solve personal problems, protect your loved ones and make a difference in the world.

Maximize your world service

As a Keeper of the Flame you have the choice of joining other members to tend the flame of Life through devotions, invocations, decrees, meditations, and more, both online and in person.

Your personal spiritual work is greatly needed and appreciated. Yet, when you are ready to combine your efforts with others, a powerful multiplication effect takes place.

Just like a thousand candles together will radiate more light than a thousand individual candles, likewise a thousand Keepers together will generate more sacred fire for the benefit of humanity.

Who is Saint Germain?

Saint Germain is our immortal friend and the eternal Master of the Divine Mysteries.

At the time of Atlantis, Saint Germain served as a high priest and a master of invocation at the Temple of Purification.

Through invocations and his boundless love for the flame of Life, Saint Germain sustained a physical pillar of violet fire at the center of the Temple.

Magnetized by this living, pulsating fire, people from all over Atlantis came to set themselves free from limiting conditions that afflicted their body, soul and mind.

By practicing the Science of Invocation, these devotees achieved physical and spiritual healing.

Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Merlin at the court of Camelot, Francis Bacon and as the Count Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe.

At the end of his embodiment as Francis Bacon in the seventeenth century, Saint Germain broke the wheel of birth and rebirth and made his ascension.

Saint Germain is the Master Alchemist who teaches us how to tend the flame of Life on the altar of our hearts and transmute the metal of our souls into the gold of the Spirit.

“The only difference between us is that I have chosen to be free, and you have yet to make the choice,” Saint Germain says. “We have the same potential, the same resources, the same connection to the One.”

“I have taken mine to forge a God-identity. For long ago, the still small voice within spoke the fiat of Alpha and the living God: Children of the One, forge your God-identity.

“And in the stillness of the night, I heard the call and I answered, I will! And when I said, I will!, all of cosmos echoed, I will! The 'will to be' summons the vastness of the potential of being….

“I am Saint Germain, and I have come to claim your soul and the fires of your heart for the victory of the Aquarian age. I have set the pattern for your soul’s initiation….

“I am on the path of freedom. Take that path, and you will find me there. I am your teacher if you will have me.”12

Who Are the Messengers?

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, pioneers in modern spirituality and internationally renowned authors, served fearlessly as the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood.

Since the founding of The Summit Lighthouse in 1958 and for more than forty years, they set forth the teachings of the ascended masters—the immortal saints of East and West who have become one with God in the ritual of the ascension.

Mark and Elizabeth taught that the essential spiritual truths at the heart of all the world’s religions are the same, and they showed how spiritual seekers from any background can walk a path towards reunion with God.

Among their most important contributions were to awaken the world to the Science of Invocation and to promote the use of the violet flame for personal and planetary transformation.

They have written more than 100 books, which have sold millions of copies around the world. Among their most important titles are Climb the Highest Mountain, The Lost Years of Jesus and Saint Germain On Alchemy.

“Come as You Are”— Your Personal Invitation to Join the Fraternity Today

If your heart resonates with what you’ve read and you feel the inner calling, we’d like to invite you to join the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity today.

In addition to the spiritual gifts you’ll receive, becoming a Keeper is fundamentally a fascinating spiritual journey that will lead you to ever greater awareness of your Divine Self.

Joining the Fraternity is also a unique opportunity—an opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth and greater service to humanity.

And it is a quantum leap from human limitations to spiritual freedom.

The key is that you don’t need to wait. We all present ourselves for service with imperfection.

The ascended masters invite you to “Come as you are,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet says.

“Come to the altar as you are, however imperfect, because we have to begin somewhere. If you wait until you are perfect, you will miss the opportunity of being on the path in the eternal now.”

Director, Keepers of the Flame Fraternity

I'm Ready to Enroll in the Fraternity Now

I Have Questions. I’d Like to Speak to a Mentor

Here’s What’s Included with Your Fraternity Membership…

As a Keeper of the Flame, you get access to vast teachings and resources. The Fraternity considers you a sovereign individual and invites you to go at your own pace and do what you consider best for your own spiritual growth. Your free will is supreme.

1. Keepers of the Flame Membership

Enjoy the benefits and privileges that come with membership.

Receive the direct sponsorship of Saint Germain and come Home to a spiritual community of like-minded people who strive to fulfill their inner vow and carry the torch of freedom in the race of life.

2. Monthly Online Lessons

Access the secrets of the adepts, get exclusive spiritual knowledge and learn advanced spiritual skills. The lessons are bursting with original knowledge that will bring a dramatic shift in your thinking and give you many “Aha!” realizations.

As you apply this knowledge, you overcome personal issues, transform your karma and advance on the spiritual path.

3. One-On-One Monthly Mentoring Sessions

Get inspiration and direct instruction with a live one-on-one mentoring session conducted by one of our experienced fraternity mentors.

During your live one-on-one session and back and forth emails every month, you receive guidance, can ask questions and get training on the science of invocation. All our mentors have been with the Fraternity for at least 20 years.

4. Online webinars to learn more and go deeper

Beyond your monthly lessons, you can participate in online webinars where we delve deeper into the teachings of the ascended masters and explore the spiritual mysteries.

Join as your schedule allows and please keep in mind that these online webinars will be archived after the original presentation so you can access them at a later date 24/7.

5. Online Group sessions to solve personal problems and keep the flame

Be an electrode of Light as you join other members online to render world service through devotions, invocations, decrees, and meditations.

And remember: As a Keeper of the Flame you are not alone. You can draw upon the multiplied power of the group session and use it for protection, healing and solutions to personal issues.

6. Spiritual teachings and training on demand (Video & Audio)

Beyond your monthly lessons and online webinars, you can further enrich your journey of learning and illumination with archived videos and audios in your personal membership site.

Discover new teachings and practice the science of invocation, including decrees, meditation, guided exercises and more on your computer, tablet or mobile device, 24/7.

7. Live Events, seminars and retreats

Access live events, seminars and retreats around the world available only to Keepers of the Flame.

Connect, learn, transform, build community, make new friends, and keep the Flame with fellow members.

Here Are Your Options for Joining the Fraternity

Becoming a Keeper of the Flame is a call to duty; a call to honor; a call to love.

“I pledge my all, my causal body, my entire momentum of freedom, for the victory of the sons and daughters of God in this age,” says Saint Germain.

“Let us join together in a fraternity of lightbearers as Above, so below—one with the masters ascended, one with the disciples unascended—to forge a union of the Spirit that will secure this planet for the Light for all time and space.”


We humbly present to you the following options for joining the Fraternity, reminding you that we are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and that all dues are used to fullfill the mission of the Fraternity, which is to keep the flame of Life for earth and her evolutions.

Membership Option #1

United States and International

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$10 One Time


What's included:

  • All Benefits Outlined in the Previous Section “Here’s What’s Included with Your Fraternity Membership” (Free)
  • Online Neophyte Package with Seven Books in PDF Format ($10 One Time)
  • Keepers of the Flame Monthly Membership ($9.95 Per Month)
  • Keepers of the Flame Online Lessons (Free)
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Membership Option #2

United States

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$33 One Time


What's included:

  • All Benefits Outlined in the Previous Section “Here’s What’s Included with Your Fraternity Membership” (Free)
  • Shipped Neophyte Package with Three Printed Books, Seven Books in PDF Format and a Secret Gift ($33 One Time)
  • Keepers of the Flame Monthly Membership ($9.95 Per Month)
  • Keepers of the Flame Online Lessons (Free)
  • Shipping (Free)
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Membership Option #3

United States

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$33 One Time



What's included:

  • All Benefits Outlined in the Previous Section “Here’s What’s Included with Your Fraternity Membership” (Free)
  • Shipped Neophyte Package with Three Printed Books, Seven Books in PDF Format and a Secret Gift ($33 One Time)
  • Keepers of the Flame Monthly Membership ($9.95 Per Month)
  • Keepers of the Flame Online Lessons (Free)
  • Keepers of the Flame PRINTED Lessons ($6.95 Per Month)
  • Shipping (Free)
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What Happens After You Sign the Pledge

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Why the Fraternity Is Different

1. You join an active inner school of the ascended masters

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is the new dispensation for the golden age of Aquarius, picking up where the old occult dispensations have left. It is an active fraternal order of the ascended masters, a fact you can sense by their tangible radiance.

2. You receive the direct sponsorship of Saint Germain

The sponsorship of Saint Germain is extremely important for your spiritual growth and your ability to serve life to a greater degree. This sponsorship will give you great assistance on your spiritual path all the way to your ultimate freedom—the ascension.

3. You build a relationship with a fraternity mentor who will support you and guide you

Your Fraternity mentor is a trusted and knowledgeable person assigned to help you make progress on the spiritual path. You get inspiration, guidance and direct instruction via live one-on-one mentoring sessions and emails.

4. You partake of inner initiations at the etheric retreats of the ascended masters

One of the intangible, yet significant benefits of Keepers of the Flame is the attending of closed classed at the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood while the body sleeps at night, as well as the inner initiations given there, as each individual earns them.

5. You learn the secrets of the spiritual adepts of east and west

Discover the deepest spiritual secrets of East and West, available only in the archives of the Fraternity. These secrets will be unveiled to you month by month through your lessons, videos, exclusive webinars, and one-on-one sessions with your personal mentor.

6. You practice the unique science of invocation

No other organization has mastered the Science of Invocation at the level of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, practiced in the name I AM THAT I AM. The ancient Science of Invocation will empower you to tap into great divine power.

7. You make a quantum leap in consciousness

Joining the Fraternity is an opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth and greater service to humanity. And it is a quantum leap from human limitations to spiritual freedom. The key is that you don’t need to wait. We all present ourselves for service with imperfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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